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XiaoTian-小天 Head Image

Girl Details/女孩详细

高級名媛人漂亮服务态度又好 欲火燃烧的激情爱爱 This High-Class Beautiful Girl Will Offer You The Best Service And Watery Pussy

Name 昵称:
XiaoTian-小天 【1345】
Age 年龄:
27 Years Old
Height 身高:
Boobs 胸围:
Languages 语言:
Chinese 中文
Area 地区:
Location 地点:
Damage 价格:
Mobile 电话:

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    Very good service, not in a hurry, not fat or thin. My type

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    How she adapted from kneading the dumpling skin to mine is the best untold story of our encounter. I happened to like butsting thevdumpling and letting the delicious juice fill my mouth, beforevswallowing the warm silky skin. That afternoon my appointment coincided with her lunch. She sat facing me with her soup bowl and scant respect for her pointed nipples and nothing else. She fed me her fresh brew, which would have made top 3 of the Michelin rankings. She patiently waited for me to finish before she chucked the remaining carcass on the sink. I held her hands and made our way onto the bed. The weight on the bed spings reminded me of ansupporting orchestra. We bounced happliy. Rolled and grope with little restraint. I pulled her model like body close to mine and began withba slow penudlous jab. As I gathered pace, I could see her grip on the bed sheets intensified. My rocking body was reaching great intensity and the bed springs resounded with the quickened symphony. The burst ofbmy dam was like the juice flowing from my mouth, down the throat and dripping all over. There is nothing fanciful except I had the best foreplay and sex to write for your reading pleasure.

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    Location: Location is discreet and near N area very easily accessible.Looks: Looks Korean and has awesome body and huge boobs as stated.GFE: GFE is very very strong like you have known each other for years.BJJ: Very authentic and with strengthFJ: Sensual touches and slipperyRTM: Yes, enjoyable and like meeting your girlfriend

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    One of the most solid gfe in Singapore, always on my go-to list for fj services. The location is easily accessible despite being in the N area.Appearance-wise, she scores 10/10 and looks even better than her pictures. She has a tall and well-proportioned figure, which add to the hot body. Her breasts are surprisingly big and soft, and they feel completely natural, earning a rating of 9/10.Her massage skills are good, with a rating of 9/10, she knows precisely where to apply pressure to relieve tension. I think she has received proper training in massage before in sz. Her BJskills are excellent, scoring a 9/10, as she doesn't immediately get down to business instead offers foreplay treatment beforehand.I've already visited her twice since she arrived in Singapore, and if vitamin M permit, wana see her on a weekly basis to relieve my stress.

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    Good service with big boobs.. love her soft boobs.. keep playing with them.. gonna rate 9/10

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