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Emma-台湾 Head Image

Girl Details/女孩详细

性感熟女系列 无限诱惑 让你永生难忘的体验 I Will Seduce You Using Every Part Of My Body, Baby

Name 昵称:
Emma-台湾 【1508】
Age 年龄:
28 Years Old
Height 身高:
Boobs 胸围:
Languages 语言:
Chinese 中文
Nationality 国籍:
China TaiWan 中国台湾
Area 地区:
Location 地点:
Mobile 电话:

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Reviews / 评价

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    我今天尝试了Emma女王的服务,真的太棒了 👍,喜欢SM的兄弟们值得一试

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    Have frequented Emma for a long time now. Her massage is always hitting in the right spots. Told her that my neck is very sore today and she immediately found the spot and did her magic. She is very accommodating and attentive to my needs. Overall, it feels like I'm meeting up with a friend instead as her GFE is one of the best out there.

    I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an easy to approach and professional masseuse that can ease your body. Once you treat her right, she will definitely treat you back the same!

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