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XiaoGongZhu-小公主 Head Image

Girl Details/女孩详细

傾城甜美可爱美女 她的美和笑容让你陶醉 激情爱爱 让你无法自拔 QingCheng Sweet And Lovely Beauty And Ger Smile Will Make You Intoxicated

Name 昵称:
XiaoGongZhu-小公主 【1599】
Age 年龄:
21 Years Old
Height 身高:
Boobs 胸围:
Languages 语言:
Chinese 中文
Area 地区:
Location 地点:
Damage 价格:
Mobile 电话:

    Please tell me 【QingChengWang 倾城网】 see for satefy reason

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    When you enter the room and see her for the first time, you will find that your money is worth spending, and it will definitely make your eyes shine! , believe me, she will never let you down, the service is the best I have experienced in Singapore over the years. Be nice to her, and she will give you the feeling of a girlfriend, or even more than a girlfriend.

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    服务没的说!我这人很挑剔!但是她让我很满意!也很满足!每次都是兴奋的去 开心的回 总之 就是 钱花的值啊 每次都是去找她!才知道她跟别的女人不一样! 才知道什么是享受! 性感 高挑 美丽 亲切 善良 热情等等都是我去找她的理由!

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    I've made appointments several times. Every time, he would undress me very gently, and then lick me and give me mouth directly in the shower. After taking a shower, we went to bed, and we kissed passionately. She would kiss all over my body, and then continue to give me a blowjob, chewing on my husband. You are so big. She's so slutty, she'll look at you seductively and then gorge on my dick. Then I also licked her little cave seriously. The lot of water was very comfortable. I penetrated her in several positions. Very comfortable and refreshing

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    Very sexy, oral sex is also great, very satisfying experience, will come again

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